Family Community Resource Center Update

State Representative Norine Hammond (R-Macomb) announced today that the Mason County’s Department of Human Services (DHS) office, Family Community Resource Center, on Main Street in Havana will remain open, for now. This news comes after employees learned two weeks ago that a closing was eminent and voiced their concern for the community they serve.

“I received the good news that DHS is keeping Family Community Resource Center open and their closure is now on hold. The new administration would like time to assess operation costs statewide,” said Representative Hammond. She added, “My hope is that they keep the center open indefinitely and I will continue to work for that.”

Hammond joined many in the community voicing their concern that the disabled, elderly, and low-income individuals would struggle to receive assistance if the office closes. Finding assistance online or by phone would be another burden to those receiving assistance, given their situation. This is because most of these individuals do not have internet access. Another major hurdle- Mason County has no public transportation. This makes getting to another location for personal attention, difficult, at best given their lack of reliable transportation.

About 3,000, of Mason County’s 13,500 residents, live in Havana. According to Havana Mayor Brenda Stadsholt, 60 percent of the community’s families are disadvantaged economically. The Center is in a prime location to serve these people.

Representative Hammond reiterated the need for the local DHS office, “Their caseload is currently at 2,500 people. That’s 2,500 of our friends and neighbors that have reached out for help. I will continue to push for accessible care and assistance for them- the most vulnerable among us.”