Hammond Opposes Governor Pritzker’s Signing of Abortion Expansion Legislation

Macomb – Moments ago, Governor Pritzker signed into law legislation expanding abortion in Illinois. State Representative Norine Hammond (R-Macomb) publicly voiced her opposition to the legislation when the Illinois House of Representatives voted on it this past May 28.

“The governor’s signing of legislation expanding abortions in Illinois is tragic,” said Rep, Hammond. “This legislation represents a radical expansion of abortion in Illinois, on top of our state’s extremely-permissive abortion laws. The people of our communities strongly believe that the unborn deserve protection in law. As your State Representative, I will continue to oppose these radical abortion laws and advocate for the unborn.”

The legislation, Senate Bill 25 (SB 25), referred to by proponents as the “Reproductive Health Act,” eliminates legal protections for the unborn currently in state statute. The legislation states, “A fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus does not have independent rights under the laws of this State.” The legislation also states that those who become pregnant have a “fundamental right” to an abortion. The “fundamental right” status prohibits state interference with abortion, which will likely nullify the parental notification statute for abortions performed on minors.

SB 25 removes criminal penalties against a doctor who performs an abortion when there is a reasonable possibility of survival of the child outside the womb. SB 25 provides for an overly broad and expansive definition of “fetal viability,” which will allow for late-term abortions under certain circumstances. The legislation repeals the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975, the Abortion Performance Refusal Act, and the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act.

SB 25 also requires certain private insurance companies to cover abortion services. Through the passage and signing into law of House Bill 40 in 2017, which Rep. Hammond opposed, state statute allows for the taxpayer funding of abortion. SB 25 will expand the circumstances in which a taxpayer-funded abortion may occur, including certain late-term abortions.

SB 25 passed only with support from Democratic members of the Illinois House and Senate.