Hammond Opposes Democrats’ Second Attempt at Graduated Income Tax Hike

In response to comments made by House Speaker Emanuel Chris Welch concerning another possible attempt to pass a graduated income tax on hardworking Illinoisans, House Republicans have filed House Resolution 135 to affirm their opposition to a tax hike. 

Every member of the House Republican caucus has signed onto the resolution, signifying their unified support for Illinois families and businesses, who already carry a heavy tax burden and resoundingly defeated the graduated income tax amendment in the last General Election.

State Representative Norine Hammond, who is co-sponsoring HR 135, reiterated her opposition to a tax increase at a time when Illinois residents are already paying the highest combined state and local tax burden in the nation.

“Illinois voters rejected the Pritzker tax hike amendment last November,” Rep. Hammond said. “The graduated income tax amendment would have raised taxes on Illinois families and businesses by at least $3.4 billion. This proposal is simply the next step in giving Illinois Democrats a blank check for uncontrolled spending for years to come. I remain strongly opposed to this tax hike proposal.”

Despite over three million Illinois voters opposing the graduated income tax amendment on the ballot last fall, Speaker Welch recently proposed another possible attempt to pass that tax hike to cover the state’s growing unfunded pension liabilities.

“It’s long past time to take a hard look at state spending and make the difficult decisions necessary to balance the budget, without raising taxes on Illinois families who are already struggling to make ends meet,” said Rep. Hammond.