New Hammond law will provide more timely treatment for long-term care residents

Legislation sponsored by State Rep. Norine Hammond will provide more timely treatment for those in need at long-term care facilities.

Senate Bill 2265 addresses problems identified during the implementation of the 2019 informed consent statute, affirms licensed practical nurses (LPNs) to obtain consent and clarifies that additional informed consent is not needed for dosage changes contained in the original psychotropic medication prescription for which consent was granted.

“The 2019 rewrite of the informed consent statute eliminated the authority for LPNs to secure consent, which limits the ability of facilities to provide treatment to residents in a timely fashion,” Rep. Hammond said. “My legislation provides clearer pathways for getting informed consent for needed treatments while retaining all patients’ rights and protections. Senate Bill 2265 is the result of collaboration between stakeholders in the long-term care continuum and we were proud to come to an agreed bill that passed both the Illinois House and Senate unanimously.”

Components of Senate Bill 2265 include the following:

  • Affirms that a licensed practical nurse can obtain consent;
  • Eliminates restrictions on pharmacists permitted to obtain consent;
  • Permits the usage of IDPH approved consent forms;
  • Eliminates need for additional consent if original consent provided for an increase in dosage; and
  • Requires that residents or their decision-makers must be informed when dosages are changed consistent with previously given informed consent.

Senate Bill 2265 was signed into law as Public Act 102-0646 on Friday, August 27.