Proton Therapy Cancer Treatment Legislation Moves to House Floor for Consideration

An area legislator is working to make it easier for cancer patients to receive proton therapy as part of their treatment program.

94th District Representative Norine Hammond of Macomb says while proton therapy is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, insurance companies often restrict or refuse coverage.

For the past two years, Hammond has been seeking to ensure that coverage is provided to all insureds. She says her office has been working with not only experts in the proton therapy field, but also insurers to broaden its availability.

Proton therapy is a very effective treatment for certain types of cancer. The constituent bill that I introduced last year was for a constituent that had brain cancer. She was told that the proton therapy was the option that she should take for her treatment. However, it was not an in-network expense so they paid tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket. That being said she is doing wonderfully as a result of the treatment.”

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