Hammond’s Pharmacy Staff Bill Heads to Governor

A law aimed at making it easier to pick up your prescriptions at the pharmacy has passed the Illinois House. WLDS 1180 AM has the story:

Under current state law, licensed pharmacy staff must be present when customers pay for and receive their prescriptions, which means that when the pharmacist goes home for the night, is eating lunch, or even away to the bathroom, customers can’t pick up their medicine – even though it has already been dispensed, filled, packaged, and labeled with the customer’s name on it.

94th District Representative Norine Hammond’s bill to allow clerks and other store employees at a pharmacy to process the sale of prescriptions was approved unanimously on a 112-0 vote today. During floor debate today, Hammond says another provision in the bill requires pharmacies to provide training to all store employees before they can ring out customers’ prescriptions: “The bill provides that it will be the responsibility of the pharmacy and the pharmacist in charge to ensure that all staff, including the support staff, are trained before selling pre-verified prescriptions.”

The bill now heads to the governor for his signature.