Hammond legislation to assist university police signed into law

Legislation sponsored by State Representative Norine Hammond to assist university police departments has been signed into law.

House Bill 1865 provides that beginning with the 2025 registration year, vehicles owned or operated by a college or university police department may have permanent registration plates for a one-time fee of $8. Existing law allowed permanent vehicle registration plates for counties, townships, municipalities, fire, police and sheriffs’ departments, but college and university police departments were not previously included. HB 1865 passed the Illinois House and Senate unanimously and was signed into law on June 30 as Public Act 103-135.

“I’m proud to support our University Chiefs of Police and university police departments across the state with this new law,” Rep. Hammond said. “House Bill 1865 allows college and university police vehicles to utilize the same permanent registration plates as our municipal police departments and county sheriffs’ departments. Additionally, private university police departments use standard civilian license plates, which can lead to confusion and safety concerns for individuals being pulled over. My legislation provides a common-sense solution to these concerns. I want to thank my colleagues and the governor for their support.”